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An escort in Bangalore is more beautiful being unapologetically her rather than mask herself with makeup and the true beauty of women is in her inner self"
We escorts in Bangalore sell our time for companionship with the generous gentleman and not all escorts are similar in nature and we do have diversified backgrounds and personality.
We female escorts in Bangalore never regret our fate in serving the men but are grateful in pursuing a job to appease a man’s lust.
The creator of this universe had never made anything predictable for any of us and we humans are trying to live a life on day basis squaring off the destiny dooming on us.
We escorts in Bangalore are normal women living a normal life when the destiny dawned on us to be the angles of love we positively are living a life with a noble life of dousing and quenching a man’s lust.
If any loser is trying to blame the creator for his misfortunes he is wrong and not everyone is laundering success in all days of his life.
Destiny is not end of path but a new dawn to a new and wonderful life ahead it is just how we may see the light in the end of the journey.
We escorts in Bangalore are taking life in the most positive way and are moving ahead with rays of hopes in our journey as call girls in Bangalore.
We call girls in Bangalore do handle the psycho of men at times and pity the gentle man and are trained crafts women in taming the flame in the man and never do insult anyone in the process of our job.
The gem of debonair of men does come across sparingly in our line of duty and those are our nostalgic anamnesis in our career as escorts in Bangalore.
We female escorts in Bangalore are craftily trained in BDSM and other fetish fantasy of men.
We escorts in Bangalore are focused women who are in clarity in our line of work with no regrets in pursuing a career as an escort in Bangalore and we escorts do skillfully sharpen our skills to be better lovers.
Escorting had been part of our life and we do pride in pursuing the career of escorting and are contented Individuals in our line of work and the only way to survive is to believe in what we do.
Men pride in giving pleasure to women and we escorts do randomly meet distinguished debonair that are good in oral and are quite fun to be with.
Falling in love with an escort is an another real life drama sequence to the Pretty Women Movie kind and we do encounter men who get infatuated with us escorts and fall in love with us and we escorts are living by getting paid by the hour and are conscious of the consequences of falling in love with a stranger or a client.

We female escorts in Bangalore love our clients and the relationship is purely business and we prefer that way!!

Escorts in Bangalore | Independent Escorts in Bangalore |

"This site will not bear any captivating sexual porn or any scripts that may be alluring or a stimulator of sexual desires in a man but a honest attempt to depict the reality of Independent escorts in Bangalore and delineate the reality in escorting business"
"Sex is a basic need like hunger and thirsty for a human and needs to be available by all means to any gender for that matter of concern"
Like food and water sex is a commodity that can be hired at a cost or can be bonded with the relationship tag.
Women are degraded by accepting monetary benefits or money for sexual favors to men and men takes this advantage to prove his masculinity over women.
Women for long had proven to be capable of being the better gender and men with all his might had been trying to degrade women in general for decades proven by the history of this world.
If ever women are not selling sex as a product and are curtailing them self to the law of the land the misery of men is a plight and choes aftermath could not be imagined.
Women never get leashed of her sexual desires and men when he is curtailed of his sexual urges he is a beast of the human.
Prisons that have men in captivity are known examples of how men who are imprisoned for years together are becoming more sexually starved species.
Social media and Internet have become the sole responsibility for broadcasting the porn and stimulating the men in general and all that is seen in the screen and in the porn books are not true facts but are totally false stimulators whose sole aim is to portray sex in the most scatological way.
Sex was never explicated the way it is been exploited in this 20th century and for our ancestors sex was more a religion and Indian tradition had showed great scripts like Kamasutra.
Sexuality was sacred in the Vedic period which is evident from Hindu places of worship like Khajuraho, Ajanta, Ellora temples and scriptures like Kama Sutra and various other Hindu texts which openly spoke or showed pornography.
Pornography was never in vulgarity in our Vedic ages and prostitutes were kept in temples and were solely maintained by the rulers of the land and the vedic scriptures are the evident of the tradition of our land.
With the advent of British Invasion in India and the slavery trade with the mogul imperialism we Indians slowly started to lose our heritage and slavery started to ooze in our veins and we set to salute the invaders and follow his orders.
British rulers were very clear in ruling the state of India with clear intentions to loot our wealth and in the due course had laid down rules that may advocate their imperialism and dictatorship on us and we Indians to come out of slavery to the percent state of mind was laborious and onerous.
The third world countries have already started to tackle the prostitution trade and the escorts and have legalized the same.
The perverts who may like to read the obscenity and some captivating sex and porn scriptures in this site will regret seeing anything as we are clear in not being another debauchee vendor of sex.
We are rather sellers of sex in the most religious way and the traditional way!!

We escort in Bangalore are trained craftswoman in the art of love

Escorts in Bangalore | Independent Escorts in Bangalore |

"We escorts in Bangalore are motivated by the desire to achieve and are constantly accepting challenges on our path towards our destiny and are accelerated and galvanized more by the dogma the society had spat on us escorts in Bangalore"

We escorts in Bangalore are constantly on target by the so-called Samaritans and all we do is to live in the crowd invincible minding our business of escorting.
We do not have any lobbyist to voice our concerns with the law makers of this land and will have to tackle situations on our own when law enforces its tight grip on us.
The will to live and the urge and desire to live a life queen size had unleashed in us escorts in Bangalore our full potential that may unlock the door to the excellence in us.
When we escorts pursue a career in escorting we ensure we put our mind body and soul to the fullest of our ability in even the smallest of our acts.
The most common daily issue we escorts have with our clients are unprotected sex and our generous clients do mostly demand unprotected sex and while we escorts are mostly blamed as being careless regarding safety issues.
The case is other way around in reality we women are more careful in emphasizing protective sex and it’s a daily chore for us to make our clients understand the necessity for safer sex and we call girls in Bangalore are finally suspected for sexually transmitted diseases.
We have a family and are quite conscious in our job of escorting and are constantly aware of our health and always prefer and insist on safer sex which is safer for both of us involved.
The blame is on the men who are on prowl and when in the course of love making men are usually in a fit of anxiety and do force us women to have unprotected sex and it’s too funny on that point for us to handle men and we are quite trained to handle such situations on daily basis.
Imagine a situation when a man whispers in your ears and begs for a favor and literally begs for having unprotected sex and believe us the best reputed gentle men literally had begged us to pursue unprotected sex and all we escorts in Bangalore do is to politely and in the most elegant way refuse for the offer and finish the job in the most professional way possible.
A man mind is lost when he is on his erection and will never be able realize the consequences of his actions and we escorts are aware of the same and do the necessary to quiche his lust in the safest way.
Emotional attachments of men to escorts had been mostly disastrous and we prefer the professional way of getting hired by the hour for our services.
Men are habitual in treating women as mean commodities and we escorts in Bangalore are aware of the man’s hereditary habit of degrading women and have seen enough men and had been quite successful in taming the beast of men.
There are a fewer exceptions here where we had seen some of our colleagues happily marrying to the clients or getting into a sugar daddy agreement and settling in life.
A sugar daddy agreement is a perfect way to appreciate us women and we have enough of our colleagues settling their life being mistresses to wealthy connoisseurs.
Being a mistress has its own good and bad and from our experience its mostly like living a life of a queen in a fortress.

We escorts in Bangalore live life the queen’s way!!

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Independent Escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escorts | escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escort

"My time as a star is limited and I personally do not want to squander my time and my youth or be droned with the dogma of this society and I willfully will en cash my stardom in any means possible and the superstition of virginity as a virtue is not for me sure for sure"
Celebrity escorts in Bangalore are elite escorts who are famed artists or known stardom and are providing escorting to elite clientele.
In nature a celebrity escort cannot advertise her services in any open form of web sites and relies on reputed escort service providers to give her reliable and affordable clients.
An escort service provider will have in his possession a list of thrifty connoisseurs and debonair waiting to prey such celebrity queens.
Knowing or accessing such known celebrity can be a possibility only with closer and good rapport with the service providers and the cost can be a fortune depending upon the celebrity.
A celebrity artist is particular about her identity and safety as priority and both the vendors are keen in safe guarding their interest before a deal is signed off.
Gaining access to the list of famed celebrity is the proximity level of the client and the service provider and mostly both of the party involved in this particular transaction are tight-lipped.
Rates of the celebrity artist is measured by her recent success in the filmdom and mostly only the rich and famous with stinking money in their possession are the affordable gentleman to lick the nectar.
A famed female artist had been through all assaults in her climb towards fame and is aware of the time frame of her stardom and is willingly enriching herself when the fruit is ripe.
If the readers had read so far and are attempting to know the celebrity in our list we are tight-lipped and our mouths are tapped.
Being with a celebrity escort in Bangalore is any body’s fantasy and can cost a fortune and mostly the rich and the famous with stinking money do get to prowl the celebrity.

Independent Escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escorts | escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escort

"African Black men hate being called as Negros and we escorts in Bangalore do not appreciate being called as bitch or a slut"
We Escorts in Bangalore had let go of the life we had planned and dreamt for us to live the life of an escort that had bequeathed us and ensure the next person in our family does not inherit this profession of escorting.
We chose the profession of escorting and on a daily basis we choose to embrace humility and joy that comes in ascending and descending order and we are used to the good and bad of men.
We escorts are mentally prepared for any dreaded of men and are trained better in tackling any situation in the darkness of the night single-handedly.
We pride in pursuing a career as a female escort in Bangalore and are constantly writing in this web site to voice our concerns in this society.
We are deflowered women trying live a life by quenching the lust of satyromania men and we female escorts do understand the law of the land and know our boundaries here in this playing field.
We are not in the escorting business full time but are freelancing women who are either students house wife or working class women and are pursuing the escorting profession for quick money.
Our generous clients do have a beautiful wife’s or a girl friend and women in general presume or assume that being beautiful is enough to keep his man from straying with more women and men are usually in the habit of finding the extra more and a women needs to understand being a tigress in the bed only may help a lot in taming your man.
When we are in close encounters with your men we do happen to see the social media and happy pictures of the family of our (your ) men and men usually pride in showing a happy wife and all we could do is pity the lady and pride in possessing his man for a while.
The purpose of writing this is not portray our (your ) men in the mean side but to emphasis and stress the matter of concern between the couples and men in particular needs to be honest to his lady whom we keep seeing every day and she deserves all the love and we are just escorts on hire on hourly basis.
We do dance to the tunes and we are dancing to the color of money and our whispers and warm embraces are honestly are services offered for the donations given and will evanesce and fade away once the time has elapsed and we call girls in Bangalore stress the above to all our men.
We female escorts in Bangalore are hired lovers and we get hired by the hour.
Addiction in any form is dangerous and abusing the addiction is the worst case scenario and womanizing is a kind of addiction which only cure is love from the family members.
We escorts are trained artists in the art of love to tow tons of men out of their happy married life and the world is stuffed with enough men for our survival.

We are aware of our short-lived career as an escort and will ensure we do our best in this short lived life span of an escort.

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Bangalore Escort Etiquette – High End Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

There is lots to understand on the Manual on how to use an escort Services in Bangalore and there is no proper Manifesto or of well-defined rules to define how to use an escort Services in Bangalore and no proper guidelines available in the vast Internet on the set guidelines for using an Escort Services and the truth is most of  the experienced Mongers do not have a clue on how to utilize an escort Service in Bangalore..

I am a successful Professional in my area of Corporate Business and pursuing my hobby successfully as a Monger in Bangalore and to be
precise hiring a high end Independent escort is similar to hiring a Doctor, lawyer or a Mechanic and the same way I would deal with a Professional Doctor lawyer or a Mechanic will prefer giving the same respect to an Independent escort in Bangalore and I was getting better results when I was taking care of  most of the best Independent escorts in Bangalore and most of them are still my very good friends and we maintain a strong bond of Mutual beneficiary Relationship and believe me I Perfectly understand that escorting is a very professional way of doing business.

If you are a beginner and wanted a Manual or a step by step guidelines in understanding how to use the services of an escort lady in Bangalore here is from my experiences from the beginning how to be a successful Monger in Bangalore or how to get most out of your escort experience.

Why Utilize an escort Services in Bangalore?

Escorts in Bangalore offer variety of Services and these can be some of them

Role play and Fantasy
Arabian Queen
Sexy lingerie
Foot fetish
Dinner companion
Social escort
Cross dressing
Boss, French maid, girl next door and more!

Escorts in Bangalore offer variety of Services to suit your need and the high-end Escorts working in an escort agency are like any other working lady who makes a living out of her professional job and similar to a doctor who diagnoses a patient and gives proper treatment an escort lady in Bangalore will ensure proper care to her clients and cater to the needs of her client with care and affection and more you are friendlier with an escort lady more will she offer herself in return.

It is mirthfully the trust factor and respect that matter here and if the escort in Bangalore understand the gentleman cares and respects here professionalism she will offer her best and will guarantee ensure and assure full satisfaction and utilization of the money spent.

Here this Point of respect and caring is emphasized mostly because most of the clients have an attitude towards an escort and towards her profession and believe me this profession of escorting is a practice that was common in the ancient days.

Escorting in India traces its origins to the beginnings of civilisation in the sub-continent and still continues in modern India.

Refer the following links for an in-depth knowledge of Prostitution in Ancient days

Like any other Profession, most of the escorts in Bangalore love their job of escorting and love sex and money matters second when they are with a friendlier client and the more attention they get from the client they get involved with the act of affection and love with their client and like any other succesfull lady who loves her job most of the escorts on Banglore love escorting as an art of living with grace and standard.

The most common talk with escorting girls is why give sex for free when you get paid for the same and how to become a favourite with an escort in Bangalore and that does not mean you may have to be a smart gentleman all you may need is to be a bit of courteous and polite, respectful, or introduce yourself in a courteous manner and learn the art of handling a lady and treating an escort lady with dignity and honour.

Most of the men have a standard thinking of why pay for an encounter when you may gain the same out of some effort with a good  looking ordinary lady.
Consider the fact that no ordinary lady will offer sex services without an expectation and the same will vary from individual to individual and consider the effects of  having a Permanent girlfriend who keeps pestering for gifts and Movie / Lunch and if you are married and having an affair kindly understand a situation when in your wife finds out your affair.

The simplified way is to hire a girlfriend and fire a girlfriend and hire more to suit your taste and there are plenty in the offering for yours to savour and relinquish.

Paying for sex is something absurd with some men and is considering  the same of paying for sex as a losing game and for that matter free sex is not that really free.

The mammoth task to get a lady to have free sex with you, you have to stumble upon someone who is attracted / Fascinated to you and wants to have sex with you. and for most of the men this takes a lot of work, effort and time and here google does not help you in this task of finding a lady for free sex! !

Paying for a service is something similar to buying any services and when buying services we demand results that may match our requirements and expectations and similar is buying services from an escort in Bangalore wherein we expect the results of satisfaction and utilization of money value and the fact is if men have not tried paid sex and are still having the absurd  thought about escorting experience try once to understand the difference in paid sex and free sex and till now for my understanding there is no free sex without expectations and for that matter there is nothing free in this 21 st Century.

Hiring an Escorts in Bangalore is a beautiful way of recovering after a divorce and a remedy for those who are recovering from depressed thoughts or a failure in life or business and you pay somebody to listen to you.

Listening is an art and people closer to yourself may not be attentive to your personal view and thoughts  but an escort will certainly be a soothing effect to share your thoughts and she get paid for the same.

An escort  in Bangalore can teach you to be a better lover to make you understand the art of love and enhance your sex life.

Escorts in Bangalore will teach you how you may enhance your sexual techniques and are open to all your questions.

Escorts in bangalore have learned and can teach you advanced sexual techniques. They are open to answering all doubts and the truth or validity about women Orgasmic pleasure points and no civilian women will teach you the same or talk about it.

An escort in Bangalore will teach and is not paid for companionship alone but are well-trained women who have been giving companionship to rich and famous and knows how to tutor yourself to be a good lover and most of the transcripts available here on Internet on becoming a successful lover are just well complied copies and no where compared to a one to one tutoring of an expert in the field of love making.

Makes sense doesn't it having tutored by an expert includes the package of self-enjoyment and Pursuing or mastering one's skill to be a better lover.

When it is bad times or when a person going through divorce or rough strangled relationship an escort in Bangalore can be a soothing medicine in building the confidence level of the person and there are numerous clients who have confessed that they had indeed been benefited by an escort in Bangalore and it's not only the sexual need that are being taken care of the escort in Bangalore can be a Professional person like a psychotherapist in taking care of her clients both mental and physical needs.

Escorts in Bangalore ensure Motherly care towards her client and an escort in Bangalore role is not limited to sex alone and are more perfectionist in the a role that may be categorized as below.

An escort in Bangalore acts quickly if she thinks that client safety, dignity or comfort is being compromised.
An escort in Bangalore ensures the health of the client and ensures safety sex.
An escort in Bangalore ensures communication, partnership and teamwork within the network of the Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.
An escort in Bangalore treat her Clients as individuals and respect their dignity.
An escort in Bangalore treats her clients politely and considerately.
An escort in Bangalore respects a Clients right to confidentiality.
An escort in Bangalore Work in partnership with Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.
An escort in Bangalore  listen to and respond to their clients concerns and preferences.
An escort in Bangalore give clients the information they want or need in a way they can understand.
An escort in Bangalore respect clients right to reach a decision with herself about their sexual preferences and do and do not.
An escort in Bangalore Work with her teammates at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience in the ways that best serve the concern and maintaining the trust and be honest and open and act with integrity.

An escort in Bangalore will never discriminate unfairly against clients or with the team at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.

An escort in Bangalore will never abuse her clients trust in you or the public's trust in her profession as an escort in Bangalore

All Independent Escorts in Bangalore is aware and are personally accountable for her professional practice and will always be prepared to justify her decisions and actions.

Give it a try and I am you sure you may understand the logic of Hiring an expert to fine tuning yourself to be a better lover.

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High End Escort Service Provider in Bangalore City Working as core team lead in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience

Sex as Defined by Ranjitha

Duty- if done with your wife..
Art- if done with your love..
Education- if done with a virgin..
Tuition- if done with your teacher..
Job- if done with your boss/secretary..
Science- if done with a fertile lady..
Business- if done with an escort.
Social work - if done with your neighbor
Charity- if done with a widow
Sacrifice- if done with your own hand

Name: Ms Ranjitha

Age: Early  20s.

Business: High End Escort Service Provider in Bangalore City Working as core team lead in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and professional Classical Bharatha natyam Dancer

Meeting place: ?

What you want me to wear: Sari or a Chudhidhar!!

What you want me to do: Your Girl Friend for the hour or day ?!!

She's smart, beautiful and ambitious, college educated, fluent in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and English   and trained as a classical Bharatha Nat yam Dancer.

But she isn't the girl you're taking home to Mom.

She's an INR 20,000/-an-hour high-end Escort Girl in Bangalore working for Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

When you shell out for the kind of escort  you get what you pay for.

Masters of the universe - industry leaders, powerful politicians and celebrities - want more than just quick sex. They're seeking brains, beauty and ambition, someone "nice" who won't make them feel as if they've been forced to slum it for sex.

"The agency Bangalore Girl Friend Experience for which I worked pushed cultural background," says Ranjitha ,They are  Escort women in our team you wouldn't feel embarrassed about taking out to dinner with your business colleagues."

"The average guy who pays for a high-end  Escort service in Bangalore  is between 40 and 50 and he books for three hours,"

"Let's just say that sex lasts for about two minutes and the rest of the time the  Escort girl is schmoozing him and feeding his ego."

Today's high-end call girl in Bangalore city  commands any thing  from INR 20,000/ to INR 30,000/  for one hour. But the hefty price tag comes with some outrageous demands.

"Look, the more VIP they are  they have on, the more bizarre their requests can get and the bossier they can be,"  who has been flown around India to service CEOs, Business men and professional Actors in Bollywood and in Chennai.

"They are very arrogant and they bring their power in society behind closed doors with them. The more white-collar gentlemen want the risky behavior. They are more likely to ask you to have sex without protection and then throw in an extra couple of thousand for your trouble," Ranjitha  says, adding that condoms are almost always mandatory, even at the top of the pricing scale.

Clients often offered to triple Ranjitha's rate if she would forgo protection.

"My health is worth more,"Ranjitha  says.

For six years,  Ranjitha's identity as a Call Girl remained a closely guarded secret: a tantalizing mystery for all those hooked on the of high-class call girl in Bangalore.

But she's now revealed that,  she worked from 2005 to late 2011 with Bangalore Girl Friend Experience  as a INR 20,000/-an-hour high-class call girl through  whom she met good clients  two or three times a week.

As a Free Lancing Escort service Provider Ranjitha  worked as an INR 20,000/-an-hour high-class call girl and when it money? ' It means a lot. I can't honestly remember. Somewhere between one or two lacs per month ,' she says.

'I couldn't find a job in my chosen field because I didn't then have my Degree and I got through my savings a lot faster than I thought I would.'Yeah,I  could work behind in a Call Center in Bangalore, but how many hours would you have to do  that to pay the rent for decent accommodation in Indra Nagar? I couldn't get a Loan from the local Money lender'

'When she took the escort job, her Family members begged her not to sleep with any of the clients. 'We at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience chose to believe she was a modern lady  rather than a high-class call girl, paid to chat to clients over a drink or accompany them to black-tie events.’ But what on earth drove such an accomplished and educated woman to undertake sex work,

By 2009, Ranjitha as a high-class call girl  was earning around INR 20,000/ an hour, sometimes more, seeing "two to three clients a day for at least two to three hours each."When it came to catering to the needs of her well-heeled customers, "I was always on call."

For her, prostitution was a job, not a path to a celebrity lifestyle. In a good year, the young lady saw up to four clients a day, men she describes as "just guys, like the ones you see at the supermarket is happy or fixing something in your house" and earned up to INR 10,000/ for 30 minutes of her services. She found her customers through Bangalore Girl Friend Experience team and is happy with the low sharing ratio  they do and says she for her life is indebted to the team at
Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

"I needed that money. I had  huge debt. Then later, I needed the money to pay for food and rent for my double bed room Flat at Indira Nagar" she says. In May of this year, Ranjitha  says, she decided to quit for good after a client, a doctor, hurt her during sex. "I figured he of all people would know the limitations of a person's body, but he didn't and I thought I was going to die."

While these moments in the sun tend to glamorize prostitution, women in the sex industry and those who study them say a prostitute's real life can also be difficult and dangerous. What's harder to get agreement on is whether the sex industry victimizes women.

Risks and rewards

When Ranjitha first met the team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience , she was vulnerable and alone. Her family had neglected her, she says, and she was often the target of psychological abuse. She "didn't have enough self-esteem"

Ranjitha on the other hand, felt more in control and says she enjoyed aspects of her job, especially the money and the opportunity to "party in Star hotels in Bangalore."

"I never felt that I was a victim, as opposed to the girls on the street," says Ranjitha . "There was definitely anxiety at the beginning, but it got easier almost immediately because Bangalore Girl Friend Experience  clientele mainly consisted of successful, well-mannered business men. We were marketed as princesses and the men who hired us treated us as such."

Ranjitha  was  so lucky. "I was always afraid, every single time," she recalls. "I did this for 5 years and I never stopped being afraid. The job isn't like in the movies."

Victims or not?

For Ranjitha working for a high-end escort agency  such as Bangalore Girl Friend Experience or as a high-class call girl is preferable because the money is better and it's less risky than walking the streets or doing her own ads in web sites. Her thoughts are divided over whether the sex industry victimizes the women.

"Prostitution causes deep psychological harm,"Ranjitha says "The words that are said to these women on the job, the names they are called by their [customers] and pimps hurt them emotionally. They are frequently abused physically. Not to mention that the shelf life of women in prostitution is short -- if women manage to stay alive in it, they don't last a long time."

Most women working as call girls, says Ranjitha , are doing it for the money, like any other job. "You have women coming in from low-paying service jobs... who decide to work in a brothel because they need more money to make ends meet," she says. "Then you have former escorts, women who want to get away from stress of working illegally. Then you have the 'professionals, women from the cine field  or free lancing part time Call Girls  who see their work as a profession"

While Ranjitha   agrees that abuse and violence can and does occur in the sex industry, it rarely happens in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, she says. "These women can leave their jobs. They can walk out the door and quit. They are not prisoners there. And most of them stay because the money is good and the sharing ratio here at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience is 80:20 and we girls get guaranteed Income and more for our Sweat."

They  are regularly tested for HIV, and have the option of refusing a client. For Ranjitha , however, it's the money that makes being a sex worker appealing.

"It's a job. I am a single and this job allowed me to pay for my House rent ,my debts and our car. I could not do that working at any Call center in White Fields."

Getting out, or trying to  agree that even under the best circumstances, being a sex worker isn't a job that they want to pursue forever. Retirement seems like a good idea to call girl Ranjitha , who says she is happy to be done with that part of her life.

She's also planning to set up a consultation with help of  the team  at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience "where I can offer other girls advice and guidance. I have made a lot of bold choices in my life but I think many of them have been misguided."

For now, Ranjitha  is concentrating on raising some more Money  . But despite the harm and fear her last client caused her, she still hasn't changed her phone number -- the one that keeps her attached to her former clients. Without that number, she's officially out of business.

"I keep meaning to change it," she says, "but then I think, what if I need to earn some money fast? It's hard to let go."

What does it take to become high-end independent high class escort with Bangalore Girl Friend Experience?

Making the jump from average escort to high-end is also fairly easy, with one big caveat: you have to be able to back up everything you say.

If you claim you’re well-traveled then your passport had better be the envy of your friends. If you claim to have a degree in art history, then you need to start learning about art and art history, if you can’t remember the difference between aspirin and Advil, don’t pretend to be in medicine or claim to be chemistry major.

Why is this so important? As an independent high class escort, minimum appointments are much longer than an hour and much of that time is spent in conversation. Generally, the more a man spends, the more brains he expects in his companion. You really need to know what you’re talking about – on whatever subject you choose – because the clients who can afford you are bright, educated and successful. You need to know a wide range of topics, from the serious to bollywood,keeping up with current events is a must, as is keeping pace with your fields of interest.

You don’t have to turn into a trivia master; usually having an understanding of the main issues on a given topic is enough. Form your own thoughts and opinions about these issues and share them. Talk about your passions or hobbies. Share experiences. And most of all — learn to ask questions to get your clients to open up and talk about themselves. Naturally, this is first-date kind of stuff. As you forge a relationship with a steady client the talk turns more personal (and this is where boundaries become important).

Further defining the independent high class escort.

While attractiveness and sense of personal style are all very subjective, good manners and sophistication is not. A high-end escort attracts well-heeled clients (that’s the point). She has to be their equal and even impress them. She can’t do this if she’s not as she claims to be because the escort presented online is who clients expect to meet.

High-end escorts tend to be very romantic with their clients – even lusty. Fewer clients mean more energy devoted to each client. (And clients expect this.) This doesn’t mean you must make risky decisions. It means if you’re not someone who truly enjoys sex with your clients, you are probably not cut out to be a high-end escort. This is a choice for girls who are following a calling, as opposed to merely paying bills. It’s not emotionally healthy to pretend otherwise, and it’s not fair to your clients.

On the other hand, high-end escorts are not some super-rarified breed. Most of that impression is smoke and mirrors, a product of very clever marketing. (They are smart girls, after all.) An average escort who is naturally attractive, articulate, has a well-rounded life, educated (either formally, through mainstream work or extensive travel) and enjoys escort work can probably move to the higher-end by indulging in what’s known as resume-padding. A little expansion of her skills and experiences, along with some clever wording, professional photos, and a professional agency like Bangalore Girl Friend Experience – a new high-end escort is born!

Raising Your Rates

Raising time/rate minimums is scary. I’ve seen several high-end girls start with two or three –hour minimums barely more expensive than regular hourly rates, then give themselves raises as they become more popular. There are many high-end escorts in our team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience who have been around for a few years and their rates have greatly increased. That’s never a sign of desperation. Still, an escort never knows if her business will get better or dry up completely.

My own observation? A timid raise just above the level of average, say from INR 20,000 to 30,000/hr won’t work. Business might stay the same or drop off. There won’t be a major overall change. Moving from INR 20,000 to 30,000/hr /3 hrs would change things. It’s a whole new level of clientele. Although the (calculated) hourly rate and the escort doesn’t change;

As with most escorts, high-end escorts at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience want their clients to return. They have a lower volume of clients than average escorts so having a high retention rate is important. If they were not the person they claimed to be, their clients would not come back. There are fewer clients who can afford high-end rates than the number of clients who can afford average hourly rates. If any escort girl was completely misrepresenting herself at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, word would get around and her business would dry up.

Getting Business as High-End Escort at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

The magic of some high-end escorts here at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience is simply their looks and charm. It impresses clients, regardless of who the escort really is. It intimidates other escorts. Throw in an aloof attitude and lots of name-brand-dropping — there’s the whole mystique of some high-end escorts here at my concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

I’ve worked with a handful of high-end escorts here at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. One clearly was just gusty enough to charge high rates and was not “high-end.” Another was obviously perfect for the job of being a part-time lover to her loyal clients. None of them were radically different than I. Their advantages: pricier formal educations and travel experience; plus that all-important rate/time minimum. There was no real difference in appearance, attitude, intelligence, how they treated their clients, handled their business administration or any of the other things that supposedly make a high-end escort stand out. High-end escorts are a self-defined group. If you think you are high-end, then you are.

Looking at the Range of Rates

This could lead readers to believe that all escorts here at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience be charging several thousands per hour just to make ends meet or to have decent reputations. Not true. As with everything in life, some people are drawn to some things, others to other things. And, as with everything, there is the full spectrum of experiences and rates in the escort world: high, middle and low. The law of averages being what it is, most escorts fall in the middle range, as do most clients. There’s nothing wrong with this. The mid-range itself is pretty broad. Bangalore Girl Friend Experience average rate for one-hour appointments is INR 5000/.

A lot of escorts could successfully raise their rates, And Bangalore market has a wide range of personalities and rate structures within it. The barrier to entry seems to be an escort’s wherewithal to play the game and succeed. No one should pretend to be something they’re not. But if there’s a desire to give one’s self a raise, it can be done.

What skills can earn a woman INR 20,000/ an hour?  Ranjitha examines the supply and demand of high-end escort girls ...


Among the many things we are left to consider, there is one I still can't quite get over: the staggering price of a high-end independent high class escort. What service can anyone provide to justify up to INR 20,000/ an hour?

Although sex is a unique commodity, it must still obey market principles of supply and demand. We do understand how the prostitution market is exceptionally sensitive to large fluctuations in wealth and expectations, and so it might be considered a lagging indicator. I mentioned that while most people consider it an extremely undesirable job, on the high end "it can be quite lucrative and requires few skills (though a fair helping of unequally distributed natural endowments)."

"Inferior skills?","Obviously, you have not visited one...To be able to command premium pricing on any market, the service must be superior."

The demand side:

What explains the enormous income gap between high-end independent high class escort and ordinary streetwalkers or even typical working women?

As with all things, a premium price signals quality. Men who seek out high-end prostitutes may question the value of a bargain. The industry feeds their narcissism and part of the fantasy is feeling special enough to purchase that multi-diamond woman.

It seems purchasing sex is like buying Prawns or good fish in the Ulsoor Market: it should come from a reputable provider. Meeting a woman in a clean, well-kept environment signals higher quality and lowers the risk of an infection substantially.

Some argue that such no-strings transactions are ultimately less harmful to both career and marriage than taking a mistress. Premium buys discretion. But at these prices.

The supply side:

The most obvious reason why high-end prostitutes can charge so much is that they are doing something illegal. Being arrested for escorting will certainly hinder future earnings prospects in other industries, A premium fee is justified by the risks involved in working in an illegal industry, as well as the related stigma of being paid for sex.

Woman cannot be both an escort and a wife. Combine this with the fact that marriage can be an important source of income for women, and it follows that prostitution must pay better than other jobs to compensate for the opportunity cost of forgone marriage market earnings.

The women should provide not only possess exceptional beauty, but also intelligence and sophistication. Some are successful professionals in other high-profile industries. Though this last claim seems dubious, the women must be exceptionally attractive and sufficiently intelligent to hold a customer's attention. Unlike their low-end counterparts, high-end call girls are expected to supply some level of companionship, and often accompany clients to dinners or parties. Because a beautiful and intelligent woman inevitably has other job (and marriage) options, a very high wage is necessary to encourage them to forgo other opportunities, and risk arrest, disease and shame.

While INR 20,000/ an hour may sound high, and escorts must spend a great deal maintaining their value without immediate compensation. Much time and money is spent on grooming: hair removal, expensive hair-cuts (one stylist in MG Road I visit regularly  claims several of his clients are escorts, who spend at least INR 5000/ a month on extensions and color) and regular exercise. And maintain an expensive designer wardrobe. Frequent visits to the doctor are necessary to protect against sexually-transmitted diseases.

Ultimately, the decision to become a high-end independent high class escort is often not only an economic one, but is determined by a woman's attitude toward sex. For many women no amount of money would ever entice them into escorting. You cannot deconstruct the economics of selling sex without acknowledging that, sadly, many women who enter the trade, even at the high end, have at some point in their lives been victims of abuse. Economic reasoning has little sway over how a woman values her body.

The market for sex in Bangalore is good and ultimately determines a price like any other industry. Sex was one of the first goods ever traded. It commanded a price, high-end prostitutes do have a unique skill-set.

Women have the same career opportunities as men these days. My part time career is in a call center in Koramangala,I actively work on a daily to overcome the sexist views of men in my industry. As a result, I am as valued and respected as any of the men in the office. I am not married for the financial stability or as a source of income. I am fully capable of financial success and independence for myself.

Regarding high-end escorts with significant others at home, sex with hobbyists (the term used within the escort industry for clients of high-end escorts) is business. It's not a breach of the intimacy and bond between two people in a committed relationship. Clients can not be compared to a lover in an extramarital affair, they're...clients.

The role of an escort is to fulfill the fantasies of the hobbyist. A good portion of hobbyists desire to know little of an escort's personal life. They don't want to know about other men, they pay us for time devoted entirely to them. And most don't want the added fear of knowing there might just be a jealous husband in the equation. They tend to be equally unreliable in admitting there's a Mrs. at home.

Escorts come in all price ranges, but specifically high-end escorts, get paid to leave. We get paid to provide an experience without all the headaches and heartaches of a relationship. As an escort, I realized one day how much less expensive it is for men of means to hire an escort than to have a mistress or in some instances, to marry. There are gold-diggers out there and they typically target wealthy men. Trophy wives are pricey to maintain. And often, even pricier to divorce.

High-end escorts also get paid to keep a higher level of confidentiality than even doctors and lawyers do. There are a lot of unspoken codes within the team members at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. Those of us who have lived and live by them aren't terribly pleased when novices and attention-seekers violate those codes within the eye of the public. Even the most risqué "tell-all" books don't lay bare a lot of the industry's unspoken codes or divulge to excess things said in confidence by high-profile individuals who hire escorts. And to the business men, politicians, and celebrities who pay INR 20,000/ and hour, that alone is worth the price.

In a nutshell, high-end escorts get paid to provide an unforgettable time of fulfilled fantasies and incomparable companionship without the headaches and lasting entanglements of a romantic relationship or streetwalker. Honestly...if men  had hired escorts instead of having affairs, do you think many people's life would be nearly as messy as it currently is? Probably not.

And, it is far from being "easy money." It takes more than good looks and being able to have sex (there seems to be a  common misconception: successful individuals in the sex industry are successful because they've been blessed with looks. Success in the sex industry comes to people who are prudent, cutthroat professionals who often go on to find success in other industries). Successful high-end escorts in my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience are BUSINESSWOMEN. They successfully operate highly lucrative businesses because they are intelligent, driven, and know how to balance a checkbook as well as manage wealth, and I am working as a team lead at a call center earning much more than most of the men I know.

First, you need to decide what exactly you want. "Aspiring independent high class escort" denotes someone who wants to work for an agency. If you want to do that, honey there are plenty in the internet  you can call and interview with. They'll tell you what to do, when to do it and how much their cut is.

If you dream on a larger scale, there are plenty of online sources for an aspiring escort. It takes diligence to find them and LOTS of research to find out what works and what doesn't. In that regard, you're on your own. If you want it badly enough, you'll make do the footwork to see it through. In that research, you'll figure out if it's right for you or not. If you feel that my advice is too much work, it's not for you. Or if you get lazy and cut corners, you'll get to learn the hard way. Because success doesn't come to those who are unwilling to chase it and will surely slip away from those who don't know what to do with it and how to manage it.

Remember, too there's an emotional cost or curse in escorting and worse still if you are from an orthodox family back ground like my self. There’s a reason other than getting busted with in your family members and that there are a whole lot of high-end escorts out there, including my self.  

I am proud of being at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience was accepted for training and eventually after a very strict and rigorous course, I became what we girls liked to joke about……..One of Bangalore Girl Friend Experience escort girls! I’m sorry if you were expecting something juicier from my story but you see, I’m not that type of girl to reveal all !!!! And I was told in brief to define independent high class escort and hope I did my best. Thank you for listening. Goodnight.

Please do feel free to contact me at  and will be glad to guide you to be a successful Escort and do please include your private number and the convenient time to call you.